Catholic Church Kilsyth

Photos taken by Canon Karl Kruger c1988

This series of 12 photographs was taken by Canon Karl Kruger shortly after his arival in Kilsyth at his first Easter season which we think was spring 1988. Canon Kruger was only in St Patrick's for 2 years before his sudden death on the 24th May 1989. These photos were amongst his belongings and have only now been sent back to St Patrick's Kilsyth in 2016.

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For the story of the design and construction of St Patrick's as one of the works of the modernist architecture firm of Gillespie, Kidd and Coia click here.


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This negative has been reversed and shows a back to front image of the west elevation of the church. The red blaze gap site was used as a car parking area where the old St Patrick's Parish School had been demolished.
This image is badly exposed but shows the west elevation of the church the right way round. The porch doors had been replaced by Tom Maley in 1986 as the original doors on the 1967 porch had become rotten by then.
This photo shows the inside of the church at easter season with the newpaschal candle at the foot of the isle and the cross draped with yellow fabric. Note the original position of the tabernacle had not changed since it was positioned on what was intended to the be the Lady Altar with the cross of Christ Triumphan over death behind it. The old gas radient heating system is visible high on the walls and the white crystaline eflouresence stain is also visible on the sanctuary walls.

An architectural photographer would have been proud of this shot of the stairs to the gallery.
This close up of the main cross shows how bad the eflouresence staining had become since the church was built in 1965, some 23 years earlier.
This under exposed shot of the altar none the less shows the full height of the window behind the Lady Altar which illuminates the sanctuary from behind.
Some more of the architectural features of the building - the light wells which bring day light into the subteranian toilets below the sacristy.
The main door of the church on the East elevation showing the cast concrete arches and the curving wall of the baptistry and repository below.
Another shot showing the high level light wells on the East elevation this time from the inside of the building looking up to the gallery.
The main body of the church showing the position of the original projection screen above the choir loft which was used to project hymns lyrics and prayers via overhead projector. Note also the position of the lecturn on the left side of the altar
The exterior of the East elevation of the building. Look how overgrown the garden was becoming in 1988!
This photo of the parish grounds was taken from the top of a hill of demolition rubble which was left in the ground opposite after the old town cinema had been demolished in the late 1960's.
It is no longer possible to get this view as the ground was subsequently cleared and the sheltered accomodation build at Craigends Court.

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God BlessYou!