Catholic Church Kilsyth

The Marian Year of 1954

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Altar on St Patrick's Sportsfield
in Marian Year 1954.
From left to right: Thomas McKenna, Janice Kerr, boy unknown, girl unknown, Isabel Melling, Pat Rice holding the pillow, Elizabeth Ann McKenna, Rose Brady, boy behind unknown and Alex Graham.

Joe Kennedy, Bill McGuire,
Martin Brady & Joseph Clinton
were the statue bearers on the day

Marian year Alter 1954
St Patrick's Sportsfield - any names?
The lady on the left with the
handbag is Ella Fisher. Beside her is
(possibly) Eileen Healy. And behind this
lady the gentleman is Dermot Fisher. The
lady on the far right is Renee Duffy.
At the back of the group at the top is Margaret Docherty. The others are still unknown.
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God BlessYou!