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The Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to the St Patrick’s School pages of the Parish website!

At St Patrick’s school we aim to create responsible young citizens who are successful learners, confident individuals and effective contributors to the school, the Parish of St Patrick’s and the wider community of Kilsyth.

We seek to ensure that every pupil in our care fulfils their potential to the maximum. We value their academic learning and achievement of high standards and all work together; pupils, staffs and parents. In addition to teaching the skills and knowledge that allow our children to be successful, we also nurture our childrens’ spiritual, moral and social development within a Catholic Christian environment with the support of Fr Doherty, our new school chaplain.

The Parish of St Patrick's Kilsyth has always had an important influence in the lives of our pupils and their families have always been a part of our continued success. Parish support and parental involvement with every aspect of school life is critically important. Whether it is a social event for the children, supporting their academic progress at home, assisting on school outings, joining us for Mass in the school, helping with Sacramental preparation or involvement with the PTA or Parent Council, the enthusiastic and energetic support of the whole community is key to achieving success.

It is our aim in these web pages to strengthen the communication between the Parish community and the school by publishing information on all aspects of school life, social, academic and religious. Particularly important in our school year are Class Masses, First Confessions, Confirmations, First Communions, and the preparation required for these events. Please click on the Newsletter link above.

You can also follow notification from the school on Twitter. Follow us @StPatsKilsyth

We are very fortunate to have an active and enthusiastic PTA who help to raise funds for the school and assist us in the many events for our children throughout the year. The importance of the PTA cannot be understated and their fundraising work ensures that all pupils benefit throughout the school year. Many thanks for your continued support of the PTA in all their efforts!

You can read more here about the activities and organisation of the PTA by clicking on the link above. Please think about joining the PTA and offering any support you can – you will be made most welcome!

Finally, I hope that you will also enjoy the many photographs of former staff and pupils and other material from the school archive, which emphasise the long standing and historic links between the school, the Parish and the wider community over the generations.

Mr Kris Thomas

Head Teacher

The term dates for this year 2016-2017 are:

Summer/Autumn 2016: 17/08/2016 - 14/10/2016
Autumn/Winter 2016: 24/10/2016 - 23/12/2016
Winter 2017: 09/01/2017 - 31/03/2017
Spring/Summer 2017: 18/04/2017 - 28/06/2017

God BlessYou!